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Her by Fcuk for women Eau De Toilette spray is very seductive, provocative and modern. This ultra-feminine scent really depicts the spirit of womanhood as a stylish, trendy, and mode.

The perfume was introduced in 2004. The top notes consist of aquatic and citrus followed by heart notes that are sexy, modern, sensual tempting down to the intense bouquet of Barringtonia, violet, peony, and jasmine. The base made up of a rich combination of cedar, amber, vanilla, and sandalwood create sensual and alluring aftermath.

This sensual composition is encased in an ultramodern bottle. FCUK FOR HER is a fantastic scent for confident, modern women.

The fragrance is very modern, sexy and thrilling. Grab this fantastic perfume only at Perfumes Cheap at the cheapest price!

  •  Product Name: HER
  • Brand: FCUK
  • Product Volume: 100ml
  • Category: Fragrances for Women


Cheap FCUK Her Perfume discount fragrance to buy online 100ml Eau de Toilette



French Connection UK, also known as FCUK, was founded by Stephen Marks in London in England in 1972. FCUK has specialized in the sales of fashion on the High Street, selling clothes, shoes, accessories and a small selection of beauty products for women and men. French Connection UK offer fashion clothing in the upper mid price sector in order to distinguish the brand from cheaper competitors but to still be affordable. The brand is globally successful. FCUK, then called French Connection UK, discovered the (in)famous acronym (fcuk) in 1997 and has since then used the controversy around it to rebrand their clothes and stores and to create publicity which in return boosted sales. The manufacture of shirts with controversial slogans that centered around the acronym 'fcuk' printed on them have been bestsellers for years. Still, some puns have been deemed inappropriate and have been pulled by the label. The acronym FCUK has created many a stir around the world. It began with a judge expelling a juror from court for wearing a t-shirt with fcuk print on it. The most prominent case was the Mayor of Boston who was campaigning against the brand with the help of The American Family Association who called for a boycott of fcuk's shops and merchandise. Apart from all the controversy, fcuk is a successful brand with hundreds of outlets all over the world and department store concessions all over the UK. In addition to that they sell licensed products, e.g. sunglasses, toiletries, fragrances, watches, shoes, etc. through different sales channels, such as pharmacies and opticians. In 2004 fcuk took the chance to start their own fragrance and toiletry collection. The frist two fragrances, fcuk her and fcuk him, created more controversy but it helped sell those fragrant creations successfully. fcuk her is a composition made of floral and oriental notes like gardenia, orris, sandalwood, violet, jasmine, cedar, lily of the valley and rose. The edition for men was composed of basil, sage, vanilla, lavender, patchouli, green pepper, tea and rosemary. 2007 saw the launch of another fragrant duo: fcuk Connect her and fcuk Connect Him. The edition for ladies features notes of lotus, bergamot, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, violet, peony, musk, sandalwood, virginia cedar and amber. The men's version is dominated by prominent accords of rosemary, sangria, lavender, basil, sage, green peppercorn, tea leaves, black suede, patchouli, vanilla and ebony wood. Several other commercially successful fragrances for women and men have been presented since. Designer FCUK has 21 perfumes in total produced. The earliest edition was created in 2000 and the newest is from 2018. FCUK fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Geza Schoen, Corinne Cachen and Philippe Romano.
Cheap FCUK Perfume

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